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Updating and Interactivity
Successfull webpages are not updated by mistake, but they are permanently maintainedm similar with a comunication chanell for your customers.In the same way, your page must reflect your company life and evolution for presenting to your customers and possible cusotmers the new services, newsand products.

Optimization and Quality
Website optimization is an essential component for online services development, but mostly just ignored.Website success is not an expensive solution for implementation as much as website visibility on the internet.One posible client doesn't search for a cute service or webpage. He search for the BEST and CHEAP product or service he needs.

Consulting and Web Optimization just one click away.

Mercury Studio is the trademark of Mercury Construct company. Design, management, support, optimization and site monitorization are just a few of the services we offer for our customers websites ann e-commerce sites.ANd everything is happening on-line.Born in 2000 we started to offer clasical business and marketing consulting for different clients.
In 2001 we open a new department for our clients needs and for offering better services: Web Development & Multimedia.
Untill now nore than 150 comapnies decide to offer us online part of their business and we can say that all of them were happy and more than pleased with the results. End of 2002 gives us one more chanllenge for offering more online value for our customers business and we started a department of online commerce implementation and specific e-commerce projects. It means Comunication,Respect,Trus and Consulting.
EurekaPark - international manufactures for automatic parking system production and implementation.

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Tecnomec Italia companie a carui principal domeniu de activitate este productia de echipamente utilizate in domeniul constructiilor.

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